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Mahatet Masr

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A few Words About Mahtet Misr

Radio Mahatet Masr was Founded and started broadcasting in the 29th of January 2009, By the Famous Presenter Osama Mounir , it is the leading & the first online radio station in Egypt. The official opening was on February the 8th 2009 Interviewing Super Star Mustafa Amar.

Radio Mahatet Masr is offering a variety of programs, these programs cover news, culture, play Egyptian and foreign music, and feature talk shows, providing a wealth of entertainment and news & all types of music you love . Live from Egypt ...Feel Egypt at Radio Mahatet Masr

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Marottia Essam and Nour Alaa presents Lala Land morning show, will get you through daily temperature, currency, gold prices and surly will let you know all road news and the best routes. Last but not least, daily engaging topics and sometimes welcoming gests.

DR. Osama Mounir will share a usual special topic and receive listeners' calls and messages to help in solving their emotional and social problem

A program without announcer opposing two singers whom Mahatet Masr fans will vote for one singer throughout the social media platforms to get their songs played for one hour.

Shorouk Hassouna and Omar Hosni will update us on the latest news of Egyptian stars during and we will join the series , Movies and the latest personal news as well.

Ramy ElDarawy and Youssra Mokhtar presenting an evening light show, Discussing social media latest trends, discussing social topics in a funny sarcastic vibe.

Cover Mix
Every Monday from 2 pm to 3 pm-2 p.m.

A program introduces the best music covers without a presenter.

Islam Farag will take us through the 80’s and 90’s nostalgic memories when it comes to the cinema, music in every possible way

Mohamed Tarek will gather all Football fans discussing football matches and to analyze Egyptian league matches and international leagues

Rewind is a program without announcer which will let your memory get back to the best 80’s and 90’s songs

All what you need to know about fashion,beauty and health.

Relive your childhood memories with this program,listening to the songs of the first 2000.

New topic every episode discussing new areas and creating competitions between listeners.

Myriam Refaat will keep us updated with the latest social media trends


Every listener has the luxury to vote with Sherouk Hassouna for his/her favorite song to be among the best 10 songs and their voting will affect the song ranking.

listen to all exclusive news about singers,songs and get to solve a riddle every episode.